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Flexibility, strength and posture!

Method Putkisto and MP Pilates sessions, courses and education - they bring results!

Dynamic posture, well-being, balance and freedom of movement! Method Putkisto is a unique, creative and inspirational way to develop great results for better posture, overall balance of your body and movements.

Marja Putkisto, an internationally known body work and well-being professional, is inviting everyone to achieve “life lasting” posture. Method Putkisto -sessions are offered by licensed professional instructors educated and graduated from Method Putkisto Institute.

Marja Putkisto offers inspirational courses and breaks for the public and works as a leadership coach offering a new work well-being concept for companies and higher management called Finnmotion.

Method Putkisto is an innovation created by Marja Putkisto. It is life changing method, aiming for overall balance of the body and lifelong freedom of movement. It is a Method to get to know your body. Improving your posture and its’ functionality also positively affects your mind - throughout the flexibility and the elements of the method.

The foundation of the Method is Finnish. Finland, as a nation, is in touch with nature. The Finns trust their body and use their Nordic environment for wellbeing. 

There are seven programmes in Method Putkisto. Every one of them is logically interlinked to each other - creating a harmonious unique concept.

Our clients are attracted by the simplicity, creativity and logic of the method, as well as its holistic approach and measurable results. Method Putkisto Original, Method Putkisto Pilates, Method Putkisto 3D Face Clinic, Body Up for mind, Method Putkisto Peak Programme, Method Putkisto Light Programme and Method Putkisto Walking skills.

Each of the Method Putkisto programmes energise, refresh and elevate both the body and mind. When working with clients "the understanding of ones’ body increases. Although this is not yet fitness the overall conditioning of the body improves. Regular practice has a positive impact on ones’ mind".

Method Putkisto is body work technique for well-being – flexibility– muscular balance - conditioning, body shaping – good posture – getting to know ones’ body – and high quality instructing.

Method Putkisto Courses

“My passion is to share my simple yet efficient system and the progressive results; overall balance, agility, flexibility, lifelong posture and - most of all -freedom over movement! 

Method Putkisto repertoires are a carefully designed combination of deep stretching, deep breathing, deep strengthening, Pilates, machines Pilates, face clinic, recuperation/recovery, posture school, walking skills, movement analysis for functional movement.  

The programmes are linked logically to reach all levels of the tissues - from muscular to fascia to neurological level. Together they build the overall balance of the body to use it in an optimum way in everyday life and performance. 

Marja Putkisto offers inspirational courses/breaks in the UK as well as in Finland and Turkey.

Marja skilfully guides you further and wakes up an inkling of the potential that each of us can reach and how much it can affect and improve our quality of life. 

Method Putkisto Shop

Method Putkisto shop here you can book your classes. 
For your independent practice see Marja Putkisto books and DVDsSmall props are there to support your practice to achieve the end results. 

Method Putkisto London Studio

Offers you an opportunity to experience the ”master in action”. Marja offers weekly classes, private sessions and special courses. The best of Method Putkisto can be seen during the legendary weeks by Marja. Learn directly from the developer of the method; experience the inspiration of one of Marja Putkisto courses! 

Look at our main Studio in London.

We have approximately 100 instructors in Europe. All of them have gone through a minimum of one year’s training and several of them have completed many of the programmes. Method Putkisto is a sign of high quality teaching. Method Putkisto Instructors you will find here.

Method Putkisto Institute is a leading Finnish body work School

Method Putkisto Institute  is an international, pioneering Finnish body work leader. It shows new ways of thinking and renews the values in well-being, self-care and even rehabilitation. We offer a support pillar for quality of life and promote a responsible service design culture. We stand out from the others with our unique Finnish method of teaching Method Putkisto. We approach well-being with an open mind and new and fresh well-being measurements.

We operate following our values: purposefulness, results, togetherness, joy and optimism. Our core mission is to clarify ones’ identify and promote the freedom to move. 

What makes us special is how we progress everyone individually towards one’s potential. 

Study a new profession where you can feel well! Read more instructor training.

Applications and further information: office

Come and get to know Method Putkisto and MP Pilates Training and meet Marja Putkisto. 

Marja Putkisto – innovator, creator, producer, change leader

Marja Putkisto is an internationally acknowledged, developer and leadership coach, brand specialist and responsible change leader in a renewing culture. Marja has created the innovative Method Putkisto body work and conditioning concept for well-being: seven independent, yet unified programs and published 14 books.

Marja Putkisto is the founder and Director of the internationally operated Method Putkisto Institute. She is a leadership consultant for higher management and leads the Finnmotion concept to deliver it globally to organisations. 

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“Movement is my inspiration and freedom is the result. I am listening, thinking, sensing and feeling movement - until the practice sits with the whole persona. This is when we are ready to progress towards a new balance until one feels totally comfortable in one’s body but also understands why and how we achieve this. This is when the joy to move steps in. This is my life. "

Finnmotion improves work well-being and the functionality of the organisations

Finnmotion is Marja Putkisto’s new innovation – a physical and emotional work well-being service. Its’ target is to lift working life’s “posture “and stop posture erosion not only physically but also on a human level. The Finnmotion concept believes that posture is a base for well-being, health and productivity of the companies. Read more.

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