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Method Putkisto Instructor training 2019-2020

The leading Finnish school for body work - with over 25 years of experience - offers unique training in the UK.
"Method Putkisto is a pioneering method of precise movements and stretching to reach optimum balance of the body. It is a unique series of deep stretching and simple, precise movements, enabling you to reach the optimum balance of your body. It is the method that targets independency over your body!" Marja Putkisto

We offer specialised training for body work; core stability; stretching techniques; breathing and movement skills related to the body. The Method stands out from any current bodywork methods available.

Qualify as a Method Putkisto Instructor

Our next course starts September 2019 - please contact us for full details:

Instructor Training Programme

Foundation Level

Movement Analysis

Teaching Pedagogue

We are inspired to offer you the very best training for your future career

Could well-being be your new career?

Does movement inspire you?

Is it time to think of a career change? (It's never too late with our training qualification)

Would you like to create a second income from well-being?

The Method Putkisto Qualification


1. The specialised Method Putkisto teaching technique and exercise regimes:

2. Why and how to measure results.

3. Skills to help you build your teaching and instruct progressively to groups and individual clients.

Who is the training suitable for?

Method Putkisto training is suitable for anyone who is interested in well-being and for anyone who wishes to achieve optimum balance of the body.

It is an excellent addition for anyone who has a background in fitness, dance or sport, for physiotherapists, sports coaches or Pilates Instructors who wish to improve their knowledge and stand out from the crowd with the MP pioneering method.

Method Putkisto training is based on

1. Our values: Results - Meaningfulness - Togetherness - Joy - Optimum

2. Hands-on experience, knowledge & skills:

In training we look beyond the method; to understand the reasons and consequences (action>reaction). Method Putkisto talks to individuals and in many ways is ahead of its time". (Professor Mälkiä)

3. The latest scientific research

4. Anatomical & biomechanical facts: with an emphasis on a practical application of the biomechanics.

5. Terminology: Method Putkisto introduces a new terminology which will lead to independence and creativity.

6. Experience: Training combines the science and practical ways that integrates them with individual's needs creating measurable results. 

"My inspiration is how to tap into the unused resources. The challenge is how to bring out each person's full potential. This is our main goal of Method Putkisto Instructor training". Marja Putkisto

Study length & duration

The training lasts approximately 12 months 

Study Dates - Our next course starts September 2019 - please contact us for full details

Fees & Payment terms

Please contact us for full details.

You have an opportunity to begin to earn income during your studies.

Study venues

Marja Putkisto Studio London, 56 Derby Rd, SW14 7DP
Kisakallio Sport Centre Finland
Method Putkisto Studios, Finland

Method Putkisto Business Opportunity

We offer a holistic business model. Only licensed Method Putkisto Instructors teach Method Putkisto, offering a unique position and selling point in a professional field. Yet the method can be used in a wider range within the well-being market. 

There are many ways one can use the skills. Our belief is that the well-being we represent should begin with our instructors - leading to a successful business. 

There is an on-going and increasing need in the market for methods like Method Putkisto. We offer you the opportunity to run your own business with a supreme quality brand associated with professionalism and high quality.  

Method Putkisto is suitable for all ages and physical backgrounds and can be offerred to individuals of groups. 

Method Putkisto can be applied to any forms of physical performance or rehabilitation programs.

Reasons to become an instructor

Further Training

Method Putkisto 1 Year Diploma Instructor

Intermediate and Advanced Level functional anatomy and physiology in relation to Method Putkisto core work and stretching

Method Putkisto specialised qualifications

Method Putkisto 3D Face Clinic Instructor

Method Putkisto Peak Performance Instructor

On-going development

Advanced Level Training

Other training opportunities

How to apply

Letter from Institute Director

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our training programme.

I have worked over 25 years as a full-time instructor and find it immensely satisfying even after all these years.

The studies are a valuable investment. You will learn skills which will support you throughout your career for many years to come.

It is a known fact that Method Putkisto positively affects people’s wellbeing. As an instructor you will always know that you are offering something very valuable to your clients.

Our way of training has been designed to be as close to” real life” as possible. We are here to support your independence and creativity, offering you endless ways to work with the methods and open up new working/business opportunities.

It is my pleasure to enclose for you some initial information that you will need to start your journey. I look forward to receiving your application and meeting you at our interview.

Welcome to our professional group,

Marja Putkisto
Founder of Method Putkisto
Director of Method Putkisto Institute
Head Teacher, Method Putkisto and Pilates instructor

Application & Information

Interview & Information

Application is by interview only. For those of you who have not yet experienced Method Putkisto first hand, we are pleased to invite you to take part in an introductory session prior to your interview. During our meeting we will discuss in detail the content of the training as well as discover your suitability for the field. Also it offers you an opportunity to assess the programme, and to ascertain what you are professionally or personally looking for. Completion of an application form will then be required.