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Method Putkisto Instructor training 2018

The leading Finnish school for body work - over 25 years of experience.
"Method Putkisto is a pioneering method of precise movements and stretching to reach optimum balance of the body". Marja Putkisto

We offer specialised training for body work; core stability; stretching techniques; breathing and movement skills related to the body. The Method stands out from any current body-work methods available.

Start dates are ongoing - please contact us for full details

We are inspired to offer you the very best training for your future career

The Method Putkisto Qualification

With MP training you will master:

1. The specialised Method Putkisto teaching technique and exercise regimes:

2. Knowledge of how to measure results and vary the material.

3. Skills to instruct the exercise material progressively to groups and individual clients.

Who is the training suitable for?

Method Putkisto training is suitable for anyone who is interested in human motor skills, overall well-being and wants to achieve optimum balance of the body.

It is for anyone who has a background in fitness, dance or sport wanting to specialise in MP body work.

It is particularly suitable for physiotherapists, sports coaches or Pilates instructors who wish to improve their knowledge and wish to stand out from the crowd with the MP pioneering method.

Method Putkisto training is based on

1. Our values: integrity-professionalism-skills-ongoing development.

2. Hands-on experience, knowledge & skills:

In training we look beyond the method; to understand the reasons and consequences (action>reaction). Method Putkisto answers the "needs of present time - and has always been ahead of its time". (Professor Mälkiä)

Our teachers are at the top of their field. Our head teacher is Marja Putkisto, the founder of Method Putkisto and the Method Putkisto Institute. read more

3. The latest scientific research

4. Anatomical & biomechanical facts; with emphasis on practical appplication of the biomechanics.

5. Holistic training; MP training supports creativity and increases every person's strengths.

"I believe that every person has unlimited resources to renew themselves. The challenge has been to bring out each person's full potential. This is the foundation of Method Putkisto Instructor training". Marja Putkisto

Study length & duration

The training lasts approximately 12 months 

Study Dates - Start dates are on-going - please contact us for full details

Fees & Payment terms

Please contact us for full details.

You have an opportunity to begin to earn income during your studies.

Study venues

Marja Putkisto Studio London, 56 Derby Rd, SW14 7DP
Kisakallio Sport Centre Finland

Method Putkisto Business Opportunity

As an holistic business we believe that the wellbeing we represent should begin with our instructors and that a healthy practice leads to a healthy business.

There is an on-going and increasing need in the market for exercise methods like Method Putkisto and Pilates. We offer you the opportunity to run your business with a supreme, quality brand associated with professionalism and high quality. Only licensed Method Putkisto Instructors teach Method Putkisto, offering a unique position and selling point in a professional field.

Method Putkisto is suitable for all ages and physical backgrounds and can be offered to individuals as well as groups. You can apply methods to all forms of physical performance, fitness or rehabilitation programs and achieve notable improvements. They are complementary to other fitness and body techniques.

Being a Method Putkisto instructor gives you an opportunity to run your own business or work on an independent self-employed basis as a freelancer.

Financially low-risk business

Method Putkisto instructor work does not require financial risks, as clients pay for their sessions in advance. The largest investment is the rent of the space as well as your personal input to make the session successful. You will begin to earn money whilst in training and in the best case, will have your own business up and running by the time you receive your qualifications.

Potential for a good income

There is an increasing need in the marketplace for exercise methods like Method Putkisto and Pilates.

The professional skills you acquire will offer you an opportunity to reach excellent income levels. This is dependant on the activity of the individual instructor.

Also, many of our instructors continue to work full-time in another profession and run their Method Putkisto business alongside on a part-time basis: the business can be as flexible as you wish.

Marketing and sales support

Method Putkisto UK works for you as your marketing support organisation. We are there to build a successful, long-lasting business and to open up new opportunities.

Method Putkisto is a well-known brand in Scandinavia where we work with great specialists in various different areas of expertise: international sport business (Aki Karihtala - FLOW Drinks Oy), intellectual property law (Petri Rinkinen at Castren & Snellman Oy) and web and graphic design (Maagi Oy, Kai Sairanen).

Our ongoing work is to further develop the Method Putkisto brand; unify the way we operate serving our client base, and improve our marketing communications.

As a qualified Method Putkisto instructor, you will receive your website page along with a password which allows you to manage your Method Putkisto business.

The most valuable input you will find on a daily basis is from Method Putkisto Institute/ UK Studio office. Part of our work is to produce items such as books, manuals and DVD’s to support our instructor’s work.

Further Training

Method Putkisto 1 Year Diploma Instructor

Intermediate and advanced level functional anatomy and physiology in relation to Method Putkisto core work and stretching.

Method Putkisto Specialised qualifications

Method Putkisto Face Clinic Instructor 
Method Putkisto Peak Performance Instructor
MP Walking Clinic/Nordic Walking Instructor,

On-going development

• Method Putkisto Yearly training days

• International Workshops, Turkey & Finland

• Specialised workshops

• Business skills

Advanced level training

• Method Putkisto Teacher training, 1 year

Other training opportunities

• SKYPE tutoring by Marja Putkisto

• Marja Putkisto events for the public

• Marja Putkisto’s lectures, guest visits, tailor-made workshops

• Method Putkisto overseas breaks, courses

How to apply

Letter from Institute Director

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our training programme.

I have worked over 25 years as a full-time instructor and find it immensely satisfying even after all these years.

The studies are a valuable investment. You will learn skills which will support you throughout your career for many years to come.

It is a known fact that Method Putkisto positively affects people’s wellbeing. As an instructor you will always know that you are offering something very valuable to your clients.

Our way of training has been designed to be as close to” real life” as possible. We are here to support your independence and creativity, offering you endless ways to work with the methods and open up new working/business opportunities.

It is my pleasure to enclose for you some initial information that you will need to start your journey. I look forward to receiving your application and meeting you at our interview.

Welcome to our professional group,

Marja Putkisto
Founder of Method Putkisto
Director of Method Putkisto Institute
Head Teacher, Method Putkisto and Pilates instructor

Application & Information

Interview & Information

Application is by interview only. For those of you who have not yet experienced Method Putkisto first hand, we are pleased to invite you to take part in an introductory session prior to your interview. During our meeting we will discuss in detail the content of the training as well as discover your suitability for the field. Also it offers you an opportunity to assess the programme, and to ascertain what you are professionally or personally looking for. Completion of an application form will then be required.