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Method Putkisto Exclusive – Turkey Dionysos 2020

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Sat 2nd - Sat 9th May
Sat 3rd - Sat 10th October

Is well-being a lifestyle to you? Marja Putkisto offers you an opportunity to experience wellness of body and mind through three popular Method Putkisto programmes under her masterful direction. Mind and senses are caressed by the amazing amenities and views of the exclusive Dionysos resort, the refreshing climate, mineral-rich waters and delicacies from Dionysos' own farms. Take time for yourself and relieve the stress from your shoulders. 

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3 Popular programmes that give you
Lifelong tools for well-being

Method Putkisto Body Up – lifts the posture and mind!

My Body Up programme enhances the ability to move in all areas of life; in everyday work and in training. The movements are simple but amazingly effective. Some of the moves can be transferred to your everyday routine.

I progress the Method through six levels. Through the deep muscular activation chain, each joint and tendon work together to improve both your mind and body and your agility and balance.


Method Putkisto
3D Face Clinic – a new look from with in

I believe that the face is an important part of the whole body and alignment of the head affects well-being of the entire body. My Natural Face Clinic is a programme in tune with our times, important to people of the digital age. It relaxes and removes the signs of stress from the face, improves self-esteem by improving the posture of the upper body. It eases neck and shoulder pains, dental occlusion problems and improves use of voice. The results are quickly seen through a refreshed tone of skin and energised eyes.


Method Putkisto Nordic walking – effects the entire body

Walking is a basic requirement of life – like breathing. My Nordic Walking programme trains walking to be flexible and effective, something you can transfer easily to your everyday life. Together we use walking poles to lessen the strain on joints and increase spiral motion of the spine and enhance energy usage of your body.


For mind and senses

Dionysos is harmony between nature and luxury. The menu, designed by an awarded master chef, made with local and self-produced fresh ingredients caresses the palate. The peaceful, village-style hotel resort made up of small villas and buildings gives you privacy and exclusive luxury.

Built on top of a jaw-dropping canyon overlooking the Bay of Kumlubük on the Bozburun Peninsula, Dionysos welcomes you with its remarkable nature and panoramic sea view from virtually every perspective. The buildings blend naturally into their surroundings and are spread out in a village style across the mountain with a choice of rooms, cottages and private pool villas.

The craggy mountainous Bozburun Peninsula is the real hidden Turkey. Almost a living museum, it provides an insight into life in rural Turkey. The air clears your lungs and you feel it in your body. The mineral-rich spring waters and salt infused seawater caress your skin. Dionysos is truly a place of healing.

The special menu serves every aspect of modern & traditional Turkish cuisine, using home grown produce in two restaurants, by chefs who have been trained by Didem Şenol (Time out Award for Top Istanbul Chef 2010).

Dionysos offers, in addition to the culinary experiences, wine and olive oil tastings, spa and massage services etc. Feel like exploring the countryside? Pick up a picnic lunch from the farm or explore the coastline in a small group with the hotel's own boats.

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Prices and Services

Marja has offered escapes at the Dionysos for over 10 years and as a result this exclusive experience offers good value for money. Reward yourself with a permanent memory – you are worth it.

Spring Workshop
Sat 2nd May - Sat 9th May 2020
1,885 €

Autumn Workshop
Sat 3rd October - Sat 10th October 2020
1,885 € 

A non refundable reservation fee of 400 € is included in the price 


You are welcome to upgrade to a villa, cottage, half board, private transfer in advance (subject to availability) - contact office@methodputkisto.com for prices.


Flights to Dalaman are booked at your own cost. For suggested flights please contact our office. Transfer to and from Dalaman airport will be arranged around your arrival and departure times. Details of the collection point will be provided. If you arrive separately, please contact office@methodputkisto.com


Prices to be confirmed by the hotel


There may also be the need to purchase a Visa.
Details can be found at https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/


October 2019 Feedback

How would you best sum up your MP experience?:

"A luxury for mind, body and the spirit"
"An unforgettable week"
"Always beneficial"
"I feel sensitive in my spine. My movement paths were released and the need to move arose. I got new energy!"
"I relaxed in my body."
"I learnt to recognise in my body what I didn't know at the beginning of the week. I learnt about my new body."
"Happiness comes to mind when you feel and recognise your own body, while your mind is resting and you can just have a moment. And all of this happens within active movement. Thank you Marja!"
"Marja is an admirably skillful, a real guru"

Questions and Reservations

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