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"It is wonderful that we have life and this workshop is a celebration to enjoy it - together with nature and friends!" Marja Putkisto

Dear Guest,

It is wonderful that we have life and this workshop is a celebration to enjoy it - together with nature and friends!

This is my story of how I feel about the summer course and why I believe it is always an uplifting experience – not only for the body and mind – but also for humanity. Beauty of life is at times breath-taking and loveable. To sense its unique vulnerability and strength touches everybody’s heart. We all belong to this time and are aware of how this moment is unique and a one off.

We are part of this time and aware that this moment will not come again - we all have the pleasure of experiencing youth, adulthood, middle age and hopefully adifferent old age. It is time to sense the air and its vibration, to feel the earth which has an effect on us all, to see the soft and velvet lake telling us secrets, to smell the forest telling us stories and hear the music that makes everyone’.

Let’s learn from the old and renew and freshen up together; moving, dancing, feeling and simply appreciating the beauty of life in every precious moment. Let’s have an adventure in history and draw from there the glorious inspiration for today!

In fact, in history, it brings to life the glamour that inspires today.

The course is in English, but I speak fluently in ‘two languages’. Our assistants are Finnish.

Welcome to our memorable course!

Marja, Francis and MP Team

Client Testimonials 2019

"As always full of surprises!"
"Thank you for the lovely music!"
"The assistants' morning sessions were interewsting and well thought through."

How would you best sum up your MP Experience?:

"This is my third year and so probably the pattern of each day is now familiar. So each year becomes almost a complete picture to take home"
" Positivity and a more aware body"