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Have you decided to start practicing Method Putkisto?
Well done, the time used will be invaluable and you will be delighted with the changes.

Book & DVD - They are very popular and over 300,000 copies have been sold so far! The book and/or DVD are an excellent way to get started, offering you a clear step-by-step guide.

Special Workshops - Feel amazing! Special focus for a new you.


Please contact the UK office to purchase the following:

Other Small props: These include the Method Puktisto Wobbeli Board & Bloggeli. A great way to polish your skills or improve your results. Props will last for years, as you are getting more flxible and toned! 

The starting package - The starting package includes the Book, DVD and small props, balls and band - offering you extra resistance - to ensure the maximum benefit from every exercise you perform.

Studio Classes - To book please contact Jackie on

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