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Books, DVDs and Manuals

These are very popular and over 300,000 copies have been sold so far!

The book and/or DVD are an excellent way to get started, offering you a clear step-by-step guide.


DVD - 3D Natural Face Clinic

3D Natural Face Clinic is a unique and revolutionary approach to looking younger. It is a natural programme for facial rejuvenation through exercise. You gain a youthful face without intrusive operations, Botox or chemical fillers. The results are immediate and visible and when practised over a few weeks, the face will become redefined, lifted and stress-free.

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MANUAL - 3D Natural Face Clinic

Recommended with the DVD for the classic/basic repertoire of facial exercises. Can be used when a screen is not available.

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BOOK - The Body Lean & Lifted - Stretch yourself slim in 30 days


The original and acclaimed 30-day programme. A step-by-step guide with great exercises. All in a stylish A4 format. We recommend this is used in conjunction with the DVD of the same title.

ISBN 0713666536


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