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I have over 30 years of experience of training, educating, lecturing, instructing.

Movement is my passion. I live it, breathe it and love to see my clients become empowered and confident in the way they move. I appreciate working with those of you who are interested in approaching your body in a holistic way.

I am interested in anti-ageing and aesthetics – simply how to improve the body shape with the Method Putkisto technique.

I am always excited about the potential physical performance of any age. My favourite movement development (MP Peak Performance) is all about Movement Analysis and my latest programme, Body Up for dynamic posture, was published in Finland in 2017.

So far no one – even the most dedicated clients - have ‘hit the wall’ – there is always another inspiring, exciting step ahead.

The fundamental approach I offer to all my clients is a sustainable progression towards ever continuing development - with 'less is more' comes simplicity.

The ‘less is more’ approach requires knowledge of the foundation of the rules we cannot skip – what can be achieved and how. I use my hands throughout the session to guide you and, sometimes, to really stretch you out.

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Marja Putkisto London Studio

- more than an exercise Studio

My Studio is dedicated to change, commitment and values. It is created for recuperation, redefinition, realignment – and everything related to rebalancing your body.

Why not reach your optimum state and performance – or even go beyond your desired potential?

My main aim is to progress you beyond exercises; to teach you to get know your body - until you can perform any task in life easily/elegantly. In my teaching I use my unique Method Putkisto 3D teaching system which encourages you to learn not only in class - but throughout life.

All of my Method Putkisto classes are focused on dynamic/deep stretching and core strength – but in a very specific way. My skill is to identify your individual needs and choose the accurate type of exercises for you to reach your optimum results.

If you are interested in making in-depth positive changes to your body and wellbeing – welcome to my ‘live it’ not ‘do it’ exercise Studio

The Studio environment is relaxing. Although relaxation is often considered a luxury, it is still the key factor for good results. This is reflected all around my Studio environment - and makes the atmosphere unique. I offer you some quality time and I truly hope you enjoy it!

Marja Putkisto Studio
56 Derby Road
London SW14 7DP

Weekly Timetable Spring 2020

To book please contact Jackie via


9.15am - 10.30am Method Putkisto Peak Performance (meet at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park)
In this class we look at a system to rebuild the way you move. We start with the theme of the week. We progressively improve the initiations of the movement which activates the deep muscles of the spine. It increases blood flow to the spine and balances the neurological system. You will learn to control and correct alignment whilst moving until the muscular memory permanently improves. It renews the activation order of the muscles and thus the way you move will improve.

12.00pm - 1.00pm Method Putkisto Anti-Ageing 3D Face Clinic
In the class we will align the head to its optimum alignment, lift the facial muscles and relax the tension. The progression will integrate our muscle use into the whole body. This class truly is very relaxing, invigorating and will balance the entire body. We will learn the placement of the voice to have a healthy voice to support you in daily life. We learn to use our expression muscles for communication. Less is more. Results are rewarding and fast. Highly recommended to eleviate stress caused by the digital age.

7.45pm - 9.00pm Method Putkisto & Method Putkisto Pilates
In this class we combine MP Pilates core work and Method Putkisto deep stretching and 3D system to learn the correct and precise technique suitable for your individual structure. We will practise the technique until the result really works. The control of your body will reach a new level. It is the quality of the movement that makes the session unique and is thus effective to your individual body.


10.30am - 11.45am Method Putkisto Top to Toe
We start the class with a warm up followed with carefully chosen spinal exercises, followed by strengthening and deep stretching. We stretch these tight, short muscles - in conjunction with deep core stabilisation - to free the body to return to its neutral position.
We also combine a touch of MP 3D Face exercises - which will leave both the body and face refreshed.

7.45pm - 9.00pm Method Putkisto Body UP
An inspiring, dynamic class for posture, freedom of movement and expression.
We start with a musical warm up, focused on balance, agility and all the dimensions of movement.
This is followed up with deep strengthening exercises combined with neurological connection. We stretch with integration and finish off with relaxation. You gain confidence and, most of all, after the class you will feel clear, relaxed and lifted.

Thursday - NEW CLASS!

10.30am - 11.45am Method Putkisto Back to Basics with Meredith White

A back to basics class with musician and MP instructor Meredith White, that encourages you to use your body efficiently. We combine warm-ups, strengthening and deep stretching from Marja's original 30-Day Programme to leave you feeling both relaxed and energised.


10.30am - 11.45am Method Putkisto Agility & Balance (please contact the office to register your interest in this class)

Changes for Course 1 and 2 2020:

NOTE: Bank holidays - no classes

During periods of high demand additional classes and workshops may be added to the existing timetable.

Studio: Prices & Courses

You are welcome to join us.

We run several different classes during a course (a course runs between 6-7 weeks*).
Our classes are run in courses that consist of 1 session per week

Course 1: 6th January - 21st February
Course 2: 24th February - 10th April
Course 3: 13th April - 29th May
Course 4: 1st June - 17th July
Course 5: 7th September - 23rd October
Course 6: 26th October - 11th December

If you are a new client you will need to first register with our office, as all bookings and payments are then made via our on-line booking system. You will then be sent a username and password.

If a client is unable to attend a class during their course they may “exchange” up to 2 classes within the term provided notice is given well in advance of the class (24 hours minimum). These must be made via our on-line booking system.

Method Putkisto Body, MP & MP Pilates & MP Outdoor Movement Classes – 1 hour 15 min
MP Anti-Ageing MP 3D Natural Face Clinic – 1hr

£22.50 per class if booked as a course, which must be reserved and paid for in advance
£25 per class if joining part way through the course

If an instructor is unavailable for a session, she or he will be replaced, where possible, by the designated “assisting” instructor for that class who will be fully briefed about the needs of the class beforehand. Advanced notice will be given, as far as possible, and we will endeavor to keep changes to a minimum.

One-to-One Sessions with Founder Marja Putkisto
Please contact the office for further information and details of pre-paid sessions

MP Introductory Sessions
Essential for those who would like to experience the basics of Method Putkisto before booking a course of classes

Please contact the office for further information and/or to book assessment.

Special Focus Putkisto Masterclasses by Marja Putkisto
Take the opportunity to learn from the creator of the Method.
3 hours: £85. Maximum places: 6.

1:1 sessions with Marja Putkisto

"What you put in - you will get out!" You will feel some body changing effects immediately and with regular practice these results can become permanent!

Welcome to my 1:1 sessions. I would like to focus solely on you as an individual and we use time for you to understand your potential and how to reach your optimum balance.

We can fit your session in around your weekly schedule. We offer an hourly rate, with special price for 5 (valid for 6 months) or 10 (valid for 12 months) pre-paid sessions. Please enquire re our online sessions or plan a combinanation of two.

For further information and/or to book a session please email Jackie on

Studio Workshops

Our Studio workshops have proved very popular with specific topics designed as a series to take you through the complete Method Putkisto range of exercises, or stand-alone if you have a particular area of concern that requires extra attention and concentration. 

Welcome to our 2020 Workshops 
with Marja Putkisto and her team

Saturday 29th February 10am - 1pm 
Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face - Relaxing: FOCUS: Balancing of the facial muscles

Saturday 27th June 10am - 1pm
Method Putkisto Body UP - Energising: FOCUS: Realignment of the spine and pelvis  

Saturday 19th September 10am - 1pm
Method Putkisto Body UP - EnergisingFOCUS: Feet on the ground, pelvis, leg and foot work

Saturday 28th November  10am - 1pm 
Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face - Relaxing: FOCUS: Neck alignment and upper back relaxation.  

Prices (inc 20% VAT) £85 each

Marja’s latest programmes are linked logically to reach muscular, fascia and neurological levels. Together they build an overall balance of the body to enable it to be used in an optimum way for everyday life and performance.

Book here

Book here

Feedback from Method Putkisto users

MP is known for its results and we constantly receive positive feedback - particularly regarding the freedom and independence it offers.

According to users of MP their experiences have been extremely positive and it has encouraged them to use MP regularly as a part of their everyday life to look after their well-being and health.

"Stretching with Marja is like re sculpturing my body shape – I really feel younger"
"Marja understands my potential – beyond my own expectations"
"Marja's sessions are therapeutic and exhilarating – and hugely relaxing"
"For some reason – working with Marja feels like ultimate relaxation – and still every muscle of your body is used- how does she do that?"
"Such a big change with such simplicity - less is more!"
"Unlike any other form exercise I know, you can witness the body changing effects in minutes."
"...and the real beauty of this method is that once you have been taught the exercises you can easily do them at home"
"30 Day programme results: Joanna Perish/ Tour de France competition participant: 31 cm improvement in forward flexion within one week."
"MP gives you a feeling of empowerment"
"Feeling the lightness - the focus is on stretching and elongating the deep postural muscles."
"It teaches you the very basic skills of movement and body care; how to reach your own optimum balance and potential"
"it is different. It is an experience"
"MP is a vision that becomes reality, simple and logical."
"MP is perfection and precision, it changes your body and the way you move in a way you did not think was possible."
"The feeling and visible results are immediate and eventually it's permanent"
"It is a process for life."
"Exceeded all expectations” Rachel
"It has been perfect” Tina
"Skilled and high quality support” Liz
"It has been exactly what I needed before major surgery” Georgina
"A turning point, confirmation of the absolute need for change, inspiration and new hope for the future” Lynne
"Keep doing what you are doing. The attention to detail was exactly what I was looking for” Michelle
"MP and Dionysos are surely a marriage made in heaven. The environment and the values of the owners of the hotel provide a perfect backdrop for this invigorating break” Lilian
"I particularly valued the different, but complimentary styles of Marja and her team. In this 'learning environment' their diverse personalities provided accessible learning opportunities for participants." Liz

Thank you for the feedback from our clients!


Method Putkisto Studio
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