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Method Putkisto and Science

"Marja Putkisto’s steady and tireless work 'on her own body' proves how change through real-life experience offers science a challenge. Science, however, can help to interpret the physiological components to explain why MP works so well." Professor Esko Mälkiä

Professor Esko Mälkiä is one of the most experienced scientists in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. His life’s work has been focused on stretching and the ability to control the human motor skills. He follows the most important research around the world on a regular basis.

Method Putkisto has been further refined and reviewed in relation to present scientific research. Today MP fully utilizes that which what science can offer.

The results in terms of physiology are researched by Professor Esko Mälkiä. He has confirmed that science has not been able to measure the effectiveness of the Method Putkisto because of its unique way of executing their method of exercises. However, he can confirm that all of the MP foundation elements follow known scientific facts of biomechanics and physiology. “We need research to identify and confirm the components (or their combinations) which effect the results.

Until this is possible Marja Putkisto puts her trust in ”common sense”: the body is more functional when supple (rather than tight/stiff); anyone can test MP results subjectively from their ability to move well.

”Although there is a lot of knowledge offered to us, back problems are still increasing.  Marja Putkisto has this very needed and special skill of how to put any knowledge into a functional and practical format that everyone can use”. EM