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Does MP differ from Yoga and Pilates?

“Method Putkisto goes beyond Pilates”Newby Hands/Harper's Bazaar
  • MP goes beyond exercising and Pilates. It aims to systematically work on the skills/abilities and capacity required to be able to move well and freely – for the rest of our lives.
  • “Conventional exercise concentrates on tightening/contracting and shortening the muscles – as Pilates does, whereas MP works on opening and lengthening key muscles which in turn help to open and lengthen the body.”
  • ” …MP cannot be compared to the post workout stretches with which most of us are familiar. That would be like comparing the marathon runner to do a two mile fun run”
  • “MP focuses on the small but integral muscles that when stretched can help to realign and ultimately reshape the body.” NH, H&B
  • It is the bridge that can help one to achieve the full benefit from Pilates or yoga.
  • Method Putkisto teaches movement: How to work strength from the inside out, in layers.
  • MP is very precise yet, holistic. It works on a three dimensional, interactive level teaching you to know how to listen to your own body: One could say that MP is the method to get to know your own body and teaches how the way you move is an expression of yourself.
  • Method Putkisto is popular due to its ability to enable the individual to change and redefine their body shape at a deep level; - even deeper than Pilates claims the users of Method Putkisto.