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Welcome to the Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face & Neck Clinic - developed by Marja Putkisto

- A unique approach to looking younger - from within




It is an ultimate muscle balancing and energizing technique for the face,
upper body; head, neck and jaw alignment.

When learned correctly it releases, defines, strengthens and lifts the face.
It releases stress and unwanted expressions from your face and refreshes
the way you look. It is simple yet supremely efficient - and totally natural.

Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic is well known and recommended by dentists,
doctors and physiotherapists in Finland as an alternative to night grinding problems
and invasive facial surgery or injections.

Who is it for?

It is suitable for everyone who

  • appreciates their well-being
  • wants to refresh their face, muscular tone and looks
  • wants to improve their sport (eye movements, neck support)
  • wants to gain confidence for any performance

Why choose the Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face & Neck Clinic?

Good posture/upper body alignment makes you look years younger!

We aim to a correct head alignment in relation to your spine. This will free the tension from your neck, shoulders and jaw area.

The stability and strength of your neck is vital for your well-being; it improves the circulation to your head, an aligned body will improve your concentration and balance.


Look years younger and glowing!

Improved muscular balance and tone of your face lifts and refreshes the features and appearance of your face.

Our anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing exercises: improves the skin tone, increases collagen production, firms the jaw and smooths out mouth lines.
They also brighten your eyes, improve the shape of your lips, and eliminate double chins and puffiness in your face - you will radiate health and just look better!

When your face relaxes your whole body becomes more functional - and therefore improves dramatically the way you look.

Learn to relax your face, shoulders and jaw

  • to relieve stress headaches, migraines and teeth grinding
  • to eradicate sinus and breathing problems
  • to sleep better, relax and to relax the mind
  • to maintain balance and to increase your energy levels

When performed correctly - the MP way - it balances the entire body and when your face relaxes, your whole body becomes more functional - and therefore dramatically improves the way you look.

To improve your movement and sport performance

When you know your face well and look relaxed, you are free to use your voice well and express yourself better and are able to perform any task in life effortlessly.

TIP: The eyes tell it all
FACT: Your face tells us 'who you are'

The vital aspect of any sport is to reach the desired level of performance - it is dependent on the ability to control and maintain upper body alignment and especially eye co-ordination and movements. There are sports where neck strength is absolutely essential.

Today MP Face Clinic exercises are used internationally by golfers, tennis rugby, ice hockey,  American football players and FORMULA 1 drivers.

Step-by-step you will get to know your face more, learn how to do the exercises on yor own and how to apply this knowledge to your everyday life - for the rest of your life.

We invite you to this new, exciting programme.

How to measure the results?

Relax, realign, redefine & radiate - beauty from within!

You can see and feel the results. You can also measure the results by comparing before and after photos. You can either see or sense the difference OR you will simply feel better and wrinkles will take on a whole new meaning. Over time your face may even change its shape and become more sculptured and firmer.

"My own face now looks more open and relaxed. My friends have been stunned by the fact that all the positive effects have been gained by natural methods, using no medical methods, Botox, or other wrinkle-smoothing injections. In my opinion, this natural approach is the secret of this unique method." Annie Paul

How does the MP system work?

You will learn facial rejuvenation through 3D MP method and exercises working towards youthful looks; how to work on your facial muscles and to improve your upper body position WITHOUT using mirrors - working from within (3D)!

It is a neuromuscular re-education programme. We use visualization, acupuncture points, stretching, breathing, strengthening and muscle balancing exercises. It is based on neural-plasticity of the brain; visualization, the creative way to feel the muscles andthe ability to retrain them.

You learn

  • to understand the structure and the function and relationship of your facial muscles.
  • how to isolate the muscles one by one; and learn to contract and release them in an optimum way
  • to understand how the mind, face and body function 'as a whole'
  • how your self image can improve

How often do I need to do the exercises?

DVD: 30 days:3 times per week is recommended by many to see changes and to maintain long-lasting results.

Weekly classes - at our SW London Studio - wonderful! You wil step into a new you!

Workshops - at our SW London Studio - gives you an in-depth, practical and theoretical experience.

I look forward to seeing you "face to face", Marja


"My face really lit up - in no time, wonderful". Elina

"It released my jaw tension - and softened my profile - and features around my mouth".

"I use MP Face Clinic to recover from my training and realign my head and upper body". Arto Ahtola, professional American Football player, MP instructor.

"By the end of the course I felt that my muscles had tightened and lifted and my skin looked brighter".

"I feel more confident and happy 'in my skin'".

"Someone said - I look younger".

Thank you to the MP Face Clinic Clients for your dedication to the sessions.

The Method Putkisto Institute will be training Method Putkisto 3D Face Clinic Instructors.
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