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Feedback from Method Putkisto users

We are known for our MP results and constantly receive positive feedback - particularly regarding the freedom and independence it offers one.

- According to users of MP their experiences have been extremely positive and have encouraged them to use MP regularly as a part of their everyday life to look after their well-being and health.

The main strength of Method Putkisto lays in the overall experience.

- "Such a big change with such simplicity - less is more!"

- "Unlike any other form exercise I know, you can witness the body changing effects in minutes."

- "...and the real beauty of this method is that once you have been taught the exercises you can easily do them at home"

  • 30 Day programme results: Joanna Perish/ Tour de France competition participant: 31 cm improvement in forward flexion within one week.
  • MP gives you a feeling of empowerment
  • Feeling the lightness - the focus is on stretching and elongating the deep postural muscles.
  • It teaches you the very basic skills of movement and body care; how to reach your own optimum balance and potential

"it is different. It is an experience"
"MP is a vision that becomes reality, simple and logical."
"MP is perfection and precision, it changes your body and the way you move in a way you did not think was possible."
"The feeling and visible results are immediate and eventually it's permanent"
"It is a process for life."
"Exceeded all expectations” Rachel
“It has been perfect” Tina
“Skilled and high quality support” Liz
“The team had complimentary and diverse personality styles which was excellent for the group.” Liz 
“It has been exactly what I needed before major surgery” Georgina
“A turning point, confirmation of the absolute need for change, inspiration and new hope for the future” Lynne
“I felt wonderfully encouraged and supported” Lynne
“It has been a privilege to attend such a dynamic programme” Tricia
“It has been a wonderful experience” Tasnim
“My expectations have been vastly exceeded” Margaret
“I feel that this week has marked the beginning of my fun and new life” Karen
“I experience very energising yet relaxing” Jayne found the total
“Marja’s down to earth teaching was great as was knowing that having a giggle in class was allowed and encouraged” Lucy
“keep doing what you are doing. The attention to detail was exactly what I was looking for” Michelle
“A life-enhancing week. This week has renewed my intention to restore/develop my body and mind to their full capacity and not to let the creep of age and work stress to take over” Chris
“MP and Dionysos are surely a marriage made in heaven. The environment and the values of the owners of the hotel provide a perfect backdrop for this invigorating break” Lilian
"I particularly valued the different, but complimentary styles of Marja and her team, (Lucy and Hannah).In this 'learning environment' their diverse personalities provided accessible learning opportunities for participants. The way we learned, as well as what we learned, felt very important and the collective leadership illustrated, very positively, a way of  'being' as well as of  'doing' " Liz

Thank you for the feedback from our clients!