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Marja Putkisto

Marja is an international ambassador for the Method. She offers:

For further details about any of the above please email studio(at)

- Your personal/individual trainer

Method Putkisto & MP Peak Performance, MP Face, MP Pilates, MP Walking skills/Nordic walking trainer

"I have over 30 years of experience of training/educating/lecturing/instructing.

Movement is my passion. I live it, breathe it and love to see my clients become empowered and confident in the way they move.  I appreciate working with those of you who are interested in approaching your body in a holistic way.

I am interested in anti ageing and aesthetics – simply how to improve the body shape with the Method Putkisto technique.

I am always excited about the potential physical performance of any age. My favourite movement development  (MP Peak performance) is movement analysis and latest is Body up for dynamic posture was published 2017 in Finland.

So far ‘no one’ – even the most dedicated clients has ‘hit the wall’ – there is always another inspiring, exciting step ahead.

The fundamental approach I offer to all my clients is sustainable progression towards ever continuing development - with simplicity.

The ‘less is more’ approach requires knowledge of the foundation of the rules we cannot skip – what can be achieved and how. 

I use my hands throughout the session to guide you and sometimes to really stretch you out."

You can call me directly on 07770 441 59907770 441 599 or e-mail me on marja.putkisto(at)

Kind regards,

‘’Stretching with Marja is like re sculpturing my body shape – I really feel younger’’

‘ Marja understands my body and sees my potential – beyond my own expectations”.

‘’ She is a really smooth operator – without even knowing I find myself pushing myself differently – and hey – my body has changed!’’

‘’For some reason – working with Marja feels like ultimate relaxation – and still every muscle of your body is used- how does she do that’’

“Marjas sessions are therapeutic and exhilarating – and  hugely relaxing”.
Thank you for your lovely comments!