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Exclusive, International Summer break  - Finland




It is wonderful that we have life and this workshop is a celebration to enjoy it

- together with nature and friends!


Dear Guest,

This is my story of how I feel about the summer course and why I believe it is always an uplifting experience – not only for the body and mind – but also for humanity.

Beauty of life is at times breath-taking and loveable. To sense its unique vulnerability and strength touches everybody’s heart. We all belong to this time and are aware of how this moment is unique and a one off. Many of us have had the joy to experience youth, adulthood, and even middle age – and ahead of us is hopefully a different old age. Let’s be brave and enjoy the results of an amazing science and be ready to live our lives freely and fully in its' every second. 

It is time to sense the air and its vibration, to feel the earth which has an effect on us all, to see the soft and velvet lake telling us secrets, to smell the forest telling us stories and hear the music that makes everyone’s heart jump. 

Let’s learn from the old and renew and freshen up together; moving, dancing, feeling and simply appreciating the beauty of life in every precious moment. Let’s have an adventure in history and draw from there the glorious inspiration for today!

My NEW Body UP moves the mind and body – and brings joy and happiness in life! (I hope!)

My friends and all the guests – it will be lovely to see you and I send a warm welcome to our summer workshop 2018

I look forward to seeing you in Finland,

Marja, Francis and MP Team           


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Single Occupancy      Non-refundable Booking Fee Euros 400 to secure place

Full Board                 Balance of Euros 1,495 if payment is made before 28th April 2018 (now 1st June)

                               Balance of Euros 1,650 if payment is made after 28th April 2018 (now 1st June)


Double occupancy      Non-refundable Booking Fee Euros 400 to secure place

Full board                  Balance of Euros 1,355 p.p. if payment is made before 28th April 2018 (now 1st June)

                                Balance of Euros 1,510 p.p. if payment is made after 28th April 2018 (now 1st June)



29TH July


LHR 10:20

HEL 15:45


5th August


HEL 14:05

LHR 15:10



All our breaks are run through Method Putkisto Finland Oy.

All prices full include full board, exercise and return transfer between Helsinki airport and the Vanajanlinna Hotel (for our recommended flight only)

Golf Suite accommodation available at additional cost – contact MP for further details

Flights to be purchased at own cost


Booking Fee: Non refundable

Full refund of balancing payment: up to 12 weeks before

50% refund: 8 – 11 weeks before

No refund thereafter.

Any other situation will be at the discretion of the Method Putkisto Management.

Method Putkisto Finland Oy will not be liable for any loss of flight costs in the event of any cancellation


Please do book early by emailing Jackie at as we would not wish you to be disappointed - places are limited


Client Testimonials 2017

"Amazing body and mind week! Holistic well-being, life changing, new mindset to define my body - to reconnect with it!  Surrounded by great supportive people. Positive energy and my "own bubble" will stay with me also after the break"

"My first time! Everyone very helpful - and friendly. I very much enjoyed it!"

"Excellent week as always."

"I'm on my way to find the "balanced me". What a wonderful group of people we had."

"Energising! A lot more of knowledge of my own body, a lot more of understanding of the Method."

"Interesting as always and these were definitely things to take back and work on."

"A good break/change (as opposed to a holiday in the usual sense of the term)."

"Fun, friends and food for thought (and food)."

"I have more body awareness and know where I hold tension."

"Like a bubble you don't want to come out of"